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Starlike International Ltd.

Established in 1979, Starlike is specialized in carrying international renowned brands, has grown into a leading distributor and retailer of apparel, footwear and gears in sports, outdoor, golf and lifestyle categories in Taiwan region.

We have the talent individuals with enthusiasm to manage world famous brands in sports, casual, outdoor and golf fields. Aims to keep making change and evolution to cater diversified consumer needs.

Sales Channel

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Flagship store offering full line of products for brand lovers


Mono brand SIS

located in selective Tier 1 department stores, target on inspired and lifestyle consumers

Multi brands store

select-store concept providing products from head to toe to cater the needs of sports, outdoor and travel activities.

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Outdoor specialty / select-shop/ lifestyle shop/ Hypermarket

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Own website for e-com providing a touch point for consumers to see and engage with the Brand


Be found on the most popular Taiwan online platform

Marketing events


e-Training platform allows us to perform product and skill training without distance:

˙provide product training session in every new product launch
˙control each session in 3-5 minutes video for easy memorize with the key points
˙quick test after session to ensure listener can catch up with the right information
˙not only use for internal training, also share with B2B customers

Starlike Logistic Center

The Starlike Distribution Center is located at Dayuan district,Taoyuan county, close to Taoyuan international airport and Taipei port, a right access in Taiwan. It covers an area of 7,800 square meters. And the building height is 15 M.

There are 4 docks for container and 11 docks for freight truck. In the warehouse layout, the stock inbound area is on the right front side for goods receiving and pallet rack zone is on the right rear side for large quantity stock with 6 layers. And at the left middle part is stack rack zone for small quantity stock with 4 layers. Outbound area is just at the left front side for shipment inspection, packing and transportation. At last, the return and defective stock area is on the 4F of stack rack.

In the pallet racking area, there are around 3,200 pallet storage spaces and 35,000 stack storage bins in stack rack area for goods storage and picking.

Our Office

Our group building is situated at Neihu, a northern district of Taipei
Starlike is located on 8F& 4F of the building.
The group headquarter Yuanchi is on the top floor.
Our affiliate company, Momentum sports is using the 3rd floor of the building.

About The Yuan Chi Group

Yuan - vega ball

Yuan Chi Sports Enterprise

Yuan Chi Sports Enterprise is the mega OEM manufacturer of a world renowned sporting inflatable ball brand.


Leisure sports channel

Yuanchi Group

Yuanchi Enterprise is specialized in manufacturing
inflatable balls, with factories in China, Bangkok and Vietnam.
In 1979, Yuanchi started the distribution business in Taiwan and set up Starlike International Ltd.
In 2007, the group has acquired the sporting lifestyle chain - Momentum Co. Ltd. to strengthen up on the retail business.

1. Taiwan - Taipei

元吉企業 YuanChi Enterprise(Headquarters)
星裕國際 Starlike Intl.(Distribution Business)
摩曼頓企業 Momentum Sports (Leisure sports channel)

2. China - Shanghai

Distribution Business
上海星巨 Starlike Intl.Shanghai (Sports)
上海星邑 Metrostar(Golf)

3.China - Fujian

福建元吉體育 YuanChi Rubber Sporting Goods


福建元吉體育 YuanChi Rubber Sporting Goods
泰國元吉 Vega Balls


越南 Vega Balls